Treo advice?

Argh! I have missed one call too many.

I currently have a Treo 650. Overall, I like it.

But there's a problem: I sometimes just don't notice it vibrating. Is there a setting I can change to make it more forceful? I don't think "ringer volume" has any effect (in vibrate mode).

My previous PDA phone was a Kyocera. It was not a better phone, but it had one feature that I truly miss: the "vibrate, then ring" setting. Is there a way to make it happen on the Treo? Is it possible for a ring tone to include vibration?

I googled a bit, and I did find a suggestion involving having the phone vibrate and ring in sound-on mode, using a ring tone with silence at the beginning. I suppose that would work, though it doesn't seem terribly elegant. (Of course, it would mean figuring out how to download and use a ring tone, but presumably I can handle that part.)

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whee, toys!

I took my laptop apart. It was fun! (The laptop is no longer under any sort of warranty. Not even close.) I hadn't done that sort of thing in a while.

Any recommendations for a laptop repair place?

(Yes, it was failing before I took it apart. Alas, I did not find any obviously loose connection to tighten.)

Davis Square Station is closed today (Tuesday)

For those of you who read LJ before your commute, but don't have cmeckhardt on your friends list, here you go:

It'll reopen when they fix the problem...
Due to electrical problems, Davis Station will be closed from the start of service today Tuesday April 4, 2006 and will remain closed until repairs are made. North and southbound train service will by-pass Davis Square Station. Supplemental bus service will run between Davis and Porter.
Passengers seeking Red Line train service from Davis Square Station must board shuttle buses to Porter for all Red Line train service.
Passengers seeking Red Line train service to Davis Square Station must board shuttle buses at Porter.
So, if walking to Porter or Alewife makes sense to you, I recommend it. That is my plan, thanks to a phone call from the lovely unequilibrated.

English and terms of use

Does this sentence mean something other than what I think it means?
You acknowledge that JPMorgan Chase may disclose and transfer any information that you provide through this Website to (i) any company within the JPMorgan Chase group, its affiliates agents or information providers; [etc].
(Feel free to read the whole thing for yourself.) I think it's missing a comma, but otherwise, I'm pretty sure I understand it.

Luckily, these days we have nifty postage stamps that don't even require licking!


The other day (ok, last weekend) I was talking to katybeth. I picked up a nearby pocket dictionary, which was for some reason bookmarked with a shred of paper. So I opened it up, as you might expect, and I started reading, as you almost certainly expect.

me: Hey, it has four definitions of pride!
kt: OK, a group of lions...
me: No, that one's not in there; I guess this dictionary is too small for it.
kt: Sure.
me (reading):
1. Proper respect for one's own dignity and worth.
2. Pleasure or satisfaction over something done, achieved, or owned.
3. A source of pride.
4. Excessive self-esteem : conceit.
me: There are four different meanings! Maybe only one of them was supposed to be a sin.

Anyway, that was our conversation. (OK, we talked about other things too.) Now, I'm not making specific claims about the theology, but four different meanings! And that's just in a pocket dictionary.

You can see why my mind has been boggling so much recently. It is because I read the dictionary. *nods sagely*