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Treo advice?

Argh! I have missed one call too many.

I currently have a Treo 650. Overall, I like it.

But there's a problem: I sometimes just don't notice it vibrating. Is there a setting I can change to make it more forceful? I don't think "ringer volume" has any effect (in vibrate mode).

My previous PDA phone was a Kyocera. It was not a better phone, but it had one feature that I truly miss: the "vibrate, then ring" setting. Is there a way to make it happen on the Treo? Is it possible for a ring tone to include vibration?

I googled a bit, and I did find a suggestion involving having the phone vibrate and ring in sound-on mode, using a ring tone with silence at the beginning. I suppose that would work, though it doesn't seem terribly elegant. (Of course, it would mean figuring out how to download and use a ring tone, but presumably I can handle that part.)

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