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The other day (ok, last weekend) I was talking to katybeth. I picked up a nearby pocket dictionary, which was for some reason bookmarked with a shred of paper. So I opened it up, as you might expect, and I started reading, as you almost certainly expect.

me: Hey, it has four definitions of pride!
kt: OK, a group of lions...
me: No, that one's not in there; I guess this dictionary is too small for it.
kt: Sure.
me (reading):
1. Proper respect for one's own dignity and worth.
2. Pleasure or satisfaction over something done, achieved, or owned.
3. A source of pride.
4. Excessive self-esteem : conceit.
me: There are four different meanings! Maybe only one of them was supposed to be a sin.

Anyway, that was our conversation. (OK, we talked about other things too.) Now, I'm not making specific claims about the theology, but four different meanings! And that's just in a pocket dictionary.

You can see why my mind has been boggling so much recently. It is because I read the dictionary. *nods sagely*
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