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sometimes I caricature myself

I have a new bed! Futon frame and futon, to be specific! I think I will not use the nifty "bed elevators" I borrowed, alas. Their height plus the clearance of the bed would just barely fail to be tall enough for my one tall bin. So I think I punt that bin. And besides, the bed is pretty the way it is!

I have a new hard drive! And my laptop has WinXP on it now, which is less exciting, but does mean I can ssh even when other computers are in use. Soon I'll figure out what I want to dual-boot, and get into that process. (Probably installing from knoppix again, but we'll see. The nice thing about knoppix is that I can see whether it automagically knows how to talk to my PDA, before I commit to it.)

I have a racing mind! Babble babble babble. Yeah, perhaps I should go do something relaxing in my bedroom, perhaps while sitting on my NEW BED! (Did I mention I have a bed?) Or perhaps the brushing-my-teeth ritual will calm me down, and put me in that "bed" frame of mind.

Ooh, I said "bed frame"!
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